Teardrop Trailer Kits


Teardrop trailers are quickly becoming the rave in North America. And it’s no wonder. Their light weight means they can be towed by almost any vehicle which makes them really popular. They are easy to build very affordable, and You can find the teardrop trailer kits at many different sites.

Kuffle Creek at http://www.kuffelcreek.com/teardrops.htm is the main supplier of the kits but there are others. Kuffle plans aren’t wimpy or for sissies. No these are serious plans that are robust and design to build you a trailer. There’s about a 100 pages and Kuffle continues to satisfy their customers around the world who are thrilled and feel they got their monies worth

The cost to build your trailer can vary depending on which trailer and what you put in it. The Cubby can cost from $1000 to $2000 while the Comet is more likely to cost around $3000. You can reduce your costs by cutting back but your trailer won’t be as nice. Good plans will save you a bundle and keep you on track. And the plans can be bought for around $60.

How long it takes you to build depends on you. If you can put a little bit of time in every day you’ll finish up much quicker than if you can only put an hour in each weekend. If you are a handyman at heart you will work much faster than someone who is new to building things.

The skills you are going to need will depend on which model you decide to build. The Comet requires you to weld while the Cubby requires basic metal skills.

The trailers are maximum of 10 feet long and 5 feet wide and can range in weight from 500 to 1200 pounds depending on the material that’s used. Plywood is often used which will result in a slightly heavier trailer. Aluminum and fiberglass will result in a lighter weight trailer.

The sleeping area is at the front and you access it from the doors – one on each side of the trailer. The outdoor kitchen is under the hatch which you access from the outside.

Today teardrop trailers are enjoying their second life with their popularity growing surpassed the popularity of the 1940’s. There are a handful of companies commercial manufacturing these trailers but if you love to play and building doesn’t scare you, you can build your own for a fraction of the cost.

So why should you consider teardrop trailers building plans? Perhaps your idea of what constitutes a good camping trip is changing. Perhaps that aching back just isn’t really appealing anymore. Maybe it’s time for some trailer fun? These little trailers are affordable, fun, and they get a lot of attention too! Share the secret or keep it to yourself – your choice.

About The Author:
Warner Burrough has been a technician for automotive industry for more than 15 years. He has deveoped website that contains information about various different trailers. Come to http://www.auto-trailers-now.com to ger free advice on trailers.


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