Travelin’ Light

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ROGERS — Myles and Deborah McDaniel count on a crowd when they pull into a campground for the night. Few vagabonds can resist a gander at the little travel trailer tucked neatly behind the rear bumper.

It’s bigger than a bread box but smaller than a pop-up camper. Two can snooze in the cozy sleeping compartment that is outfitted with a portable stereo, two fans and a heater. Or, as Deborah says “It’s got heat, air and surround sound.”

A comfortable mattress was custom-made for the teardrop-style camper that Myles built at the couples’ home workshop two winters ago on Walnut Valley Road in Rogers.

A hatch in the rear opens to reveal a kitchen with a counter, pull-out table and a slide-out tray that holds an ice chest. There’s lots of drawers and cabinets for storage. Hot meals are fixed on a camp stove.

When it’s camp time, a pop-up gazebo is set up over the back of the camper in case of rain.

Myles even gave the camper a name. “Baby Boomer Teardrop,” is emblazoned on the back hatch.


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