Unemployed Elkhart County man continues using Web to make ends meet


After 30 years at his company, Brad Warlick was let go. He turned to eBay and Craigslist to make ends meet. Since our story aired, back in June, Warlick said his job search continued, but he has profited from his unemployment by turning a hobby into opportunity


Brad Warlick is out of a job and has been since last year. One thing you can’t say about him is that he’s out of luck.

He’s opening the door of opportunity. In his garage Warlick builds tear drop campers by hand. It started as a father-son project.

“We tried to build one together so that we could have it to go camping in,” said Warlick.

With a large family and limited space, Warlick decided to sell it.

“We sold it,” said Warlick. “It sold well.”

With the tools of the trade, Warlick says it takes countless hours to build a camper.

As soon as the workday ends in the garage, his hands are just as busy in his home office, on the computer.

Warlick, better known as Broke Brad on eBay, uses the site to sell the campers and other items to the highest bidder.

The idea was something he never thought would happen before he lost his job.

“I didn’t see that happening. but at that point I was pretty depressed,” said Warlick. “It’s like what do you do? I started doing what I could to get some money together.”

It has been months since WSBT last caught up with Warlick. Since our story aired, his efforts online increased. So did his exposure.

“I’ve had people from California, Arizona, basically eBay people looking to see who ‘Broke Brad’ was,” said Warlick.

Warlick said he’s sold more items, including his tear-drop camper.
It was something that caught him by surprise.

“I’ve had feedback from people who say, ‘Wow that was really good, I’m glad I bought it,’” said Warlick.

Between building and constructing his next camper, Warlick’s job search continues.

But, he isn’t looking back.

The wheels in motion are moving forward as her perseveres through his unemployment, actually profiting from it.

“It’s led me into doing something that I enjoy doing and show a profit from,” said Warlick. “It’s a win-win situation.”


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