Teardrop Trailer Gatherings


Throughout the year, owners of tiny trailers will gather together for rallys or gatherings, in order to show off their designs, bargains or builds. The best way to get ideas for a tiny trailer is to go to one of these trailer gatherings. You will also end up meeting a wide range of really great people.


I recently went to a teardrop trailer gathering outside of Austin, NV. This was my third gathering and while there were only about 20 trailers, it was a wonderful way to see what other teardrop enthusiasts are capable of building and creating. Most gatherings will have over a hundred trailers.
If you are interested in going to a gathering (you don’t have to have your own trailer) you can visit several websites:

Teardrops and Tiny Trailers Forum


At the gatherings, the trailers or teardrops are usually open for you to look at and the owner will gladly let you crawl inside, and will tell you all about their little rig…with no sales hassles! Additionally, teardrops are so small that you can usually fit several of them in one camp spot.


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