Tearstock 2010

Report by Len

There were 3 sections in this trip for me.

1.) 2 nights an Camp Wm. Penn.

2.) A day at the WoodStock Concert Site in Bethel, NY.

3.) And 2 Days at TearStock

Just like the original WoodStock Concert of 1969 there were several roadblocks, hurtles and bends in the road for us the event planners.

3 days of peace and camping

I am an original TearJerker member, probably the second just after the Founder Todd Brunnengraber.

When we first started the club back in 1997 there was me in Phila. PA. Todd on Long Island and a guy in the Boston area.

A good central meeting point, at that time was Mystic CT. So the first Main TearJerkers Rally was held at Seaport Campground in Mystic, CT. in July of 2001.

After a few years at Mystic and the popularity of our gatherings increasing it was soon evident that Mystic was no longer the center of the Universe.

We suggested a new site in the Rhienbach/Kingston NY. area.

Everyone was all for it. It was a good more centrally located location, most people coming north did not have to go through, or around New York City, the people coming South never had to deal with New York City, all was looking great for moving the gathering location.


The guy from Boston, who never read the discussions in a timely manner chimed in near the end of the planning and raised such a stink that the Gathering was left in Mystic.

  This ruffled a few feathers, why inconvenience the masses to make it easy for a few, bla bla bla and The Mystic Gathering remained in Mystic but became a “Local New England Gathering” as opposed to our Main gathering.

This ruffled the guy in Boston’s feathers and he left.

I started a discussion in the summer of 2008 about a 3 Chapter Gathering centrally located for all 3 of the chapters.

All was going along when scheduling derailed the discussion.

Again in late summer 2009 and with a new New England Chapter director I started the discussion.

This time the plans went on without a hitch.

I started drawing circles on a map from all the directors locations and at about 225 miles they all converged, once again on the Rhienbach/Kingston NY area.

But there was another town in that tight little Triangle…WoodStock NY.

That gave us our theme.

The event was well on its way NOT as a National Rally, Not as a Replacement for Mystic but as just a 3 Chapter TearJerkers Gathering.

The name TearStock was suggested to us by a non attending director. And as we were having it near the Town of WoodStock all fit.

A date, a location…not in Woodstock but nearby Phoenicia were set and we were all ready.

Now, Back to our Story.

In 1969 I was working in a Summer Camp, Camp Wm. Penn in the Pocono Mts. A few of us had heard about this really big concert only 45 miles away.

So on Wednesday morning August 13, 1969 4 of us left for the WoodStock Music and Arts Fair in Bethel, NY.

On this Trip to TearStock, 2010.

I made arrangements to spend 2 nights prior to TearStock in the same camp, Camp Wm. Penn in the Pocono Mts.

I arrived at Camp Wm. Penn Wednesday morning May 13.

6 Trailers joined me there Thursday May 14 2010, we spent the night and Friday morning at 7AM we left for the original Woodstock Concert site from my original starting point along the original route.

We arrived in Bethel at the concert site at about 10AM, toured the First Class Museum and walked the grounds.

For me it was very moving.

Then off to TearStock.

We had 57 trailers from TearJerkers, a Scotty Group, a T@B group and The Tin Can Tourists. Over 130 people, lots of food, a great crowd and a great time.

Tie-Dying for everyone, an Arts & Crafts making Awards and a Trailer Crawl.

Both nights we had a roaring Campfire, some speeches, jokes, singing, stories and live Guitar & Harmonica entertainment.

2 great community Breakfasts and an unbelievable Pot Luck and Bar-B-Que Dinner

The Campground was below our expectations but it proved once again that its not the place, or even the trailers, its the people who make things great.

Happy Trails


Tearstock photos

And some more

Tearstock Cafe Press

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One Response to “Tearstock 2010”

  1. Len Says:

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    Happy Trails


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