Cheese Wheels

Mirabelle Cheese Shop is a fine cheese retailer located in Westport, Connecticut. As well as being experts in their field, they stock over 100 cheeses from around the world.  Recently they launched a new mobile vending service to expand the reach of their retail store, proprietor Andrea Itin explains.


I have been in love with old trailers and old cars for a long time. There is just something about the old lines, detail and craftsmanship that is exciting to me.
 While working on a small business mobile coffee concept that I wanted to produce and sell, I knew I did not want to produce a typical carnival style unit that was just a big square box.
Originally I wanted an airstream and contacted them about doing a custom unit. I was a “really little fish in a big pond” you might say and they wouldn’t even consider the project at the time. So I set out to find someone that would. After months of research I found Eric Drugge at Trailerworks, a company located in Beaufort, SC.

He specializes in restoration of old trailers and when I went to him with the idea of creating a food service trailer that I could sell to small cafe’s he suggested building a reproduction. This way we could satisfy all of the health department needs across the country, produce multiples of them and have a new base to build on. So we set out to design a new trailer that looked as if it was from the 40’s or 50’s. You can see that unit at

 With the purchase of a gourmet cheese shop a few years ago (, I decided it would be a great vehicle to take on the road with us to farmer’s markets, wineries, street festivals, etc. to help promote the store. So the “Cheese Wheels” as we call it was launched. It is a great way to promote our products and gets a lot of attention. We love our teardrop. It is due to be featured in this upcoming issue of Culture Magazine and I am looking forward to the opportunity to produce more of them. We have even designed a small teardrop unit for smaller events and can’t wait to build it.

Mirabelle store front


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