“Quackshack” tailgaters trying to get to Glendale

Eugene (KMTR)- For almost a decade, the “Quackshack” has been a part of the Autzen tailgating scene.  A group of friends wanted to create a place where everyone could come and tailgate.  In 2001 they traded a pair of tickets to a Duck game for a 1958 teardrop trailer- and the Quackshack was created.

Over the years, thousands of fans have signed the inside of the trailer and made it a part of the Autzen scene- they’ve even been named “Tailgaters of the Year.”

The owners promised themselves that if the Ducks ever got to the National Championship game, they’d take the Quackshack- which has never gone on a road trip- to that game.  So now they’re trying to get it done.

Symbolically, they’re doing it for every fan that’s ever been to the Quackshack- but as long-time Duck fans, they’re just trying to be a part of that once in a lifetime experience.

If you’d like to help them out, they’re on the hunt for gas money- and a flatbed trailer to haul the Quackshack to Glendale.  Search “Quackshack” on Facebook to find them.


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