American Teardrop Trailer – Roaming Times Review

American Teardrop says: “We have been able to drastically lower the price of teardrop camper trailers by using assembly line production technique and eliminating the distributer mark up. Our streamlined production facilities make it possible for us to lower our price while giving you the quality and the features you expect.”

Important dimensions:
4 models are available – see below
Overall length 7’2″ ‘/ 13’0″
For specifications of the 4 models click here

MSRP  from $3995 (5/2011), kits avalable from $2995
(American says: “$2995 – $6995 All American made classic camper!”)



 American Teardrop


LOA 13’0″
Weight 925 lbs
Tongue weight 101 lbs


American Teardrop


LOA 11’10”
Weight 840 lbs
Tongue weight 80 lbs



American Teardrop


LOA 10’6″
Weight 748 lbs
Tongue weight 72 lbs


American Teardrop


LOA 7’2″
Weight 240 lbs
Tongue weight 24 lbs



From the Auburn Journal California:

The teardrop is designed for convenience.
 “It can be towed behind any car, including electric cars,”  Bud Hausman (general manager of American River Sales in Auburn) said.  “They’re super lightweight.  They’re the RV for the next generation.”  The trailers have been increasing in popularity for the last 15 years, “with the last two years seeing the biggest growth we’ve ever seen,” he said.
The demographic is just about everyone who enjoys the outdoors.  “Because of high gas prices, people don’t want a second high-mileage vehicle,” Hausman said. “They want to have their car and go on vacation.”
Teardrops offer a no-to-low frills experience.  “People love camping, but no one wants to sleep on the ground,” he said. “When they walk away, they want to be able to lock up all the gear inside.”

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